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Our History…

clearTREND was first developed in the summer of 2011 in conjunction with Appleton Group, Skyline Technologies, Microsoft Azure, and Xignite Data Services.  Coding was completed in the following November and was launched in January of 2012 as a solution exclusively for the managed portfolios and private clients of Appleton Group in Appleton, Wisconsin.

As the 17th oldest separate account manager to exclusively use exchange-traded funds, Appleton Group has extensive experience and success in offering risk-managed, tactical strategies.  Nearing the 10th anniversary of their founding, Appleton Group saw an opportunity to create its own trend analysis engine that offered historically similar downside protection but offered improved upside participation during periods of sustained market advances, superior analytics (success rates, cumulative returns, draw-down reductions, historic trade-by-trade history, security optimization, etc.) as well as the potential for future commercialization.

In September 2017, clearTREND was spun off as a separately company in partnership with Skyline Technologies.

Development Hours
0 Days
5-Yr Beta Test
Cups of Coffee

Our Future…

We’re on a mission to improve the long-term economic sustainability of individuals, families, advisors, and companies around the planet.  At clearTREND, we believe that prosperity requires ongoing attention and care.  We’re looking for smart, energetic individuals to join our team here in Appleton who want to make a real difference.

Start Your Career With clearTREND Research

clearTREND is currently seeking top talent in a variety of disciplines, including leadership, software development, marketing/advertising, subscriber support and sales.  Our employees are dedicated to making a difference in the financial lives of our subscribers, and are committed to improving the economic, social and environmental sustainability of the world in which we live.

Candidates with diverse backgrounds and experiences are encouraged to apply.  Key positions include…

Director of Marketing / Advertising
Responsible for all external engagement, including marketing, advertising and branding of clearTREND to all distribution channels. Extensive experience in both traditional and social media required. Candidates must posses a minimum of 5-years relevant experience with demonstrated ability to think creatively, produce deliverables on-time and on-budget, create long-term campaigns to a variety of channels, and measure effectiveness of all outreach efforts.
Graphic Design 100%
Social Media 100%
Branding 100%
Leadership 100%
As part of an internal team, trend-gineers are responsible for daily internal software support of clearTREND, including ensuring 100% service availability, verification of nightly update process, evaluation and publication of best-fit security solutions, business analytics, subscription interface validation, etc. Candidate must have extensive experience working in Microsoft Windows Azure environment, API development, Bootstrap, React, and/or Xamarin.
Cloud Computing 100%
Business Analytics 100%
User Interface Design 100%
Sales - Professional Manager Channel
Responsible for subscriber engagement through the professional manager channel. Candidate must possess extensive knowledge of financial services industry, specifically investment management, security research, portfolio construction, risk and performance analytics, etc. Must be outgoing, inquisitive, engaging, personable. High compensation potential based on subscriber development and retention.
Investment Knowledge 100%
Strong Interpersonal Skills 100%
Analytical 100%