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Project Description

Manage your investment portfolio like a pro.

You’re experienced, saavy, and dedicated to securing your financial future. clearTREND is an indispensable tool to help you along the way.  It gives you a powerful tool to manage your entire portfolio on your own without consuming your whole day.  Set up the securities you want to use, and clearTREND will notify you every time each security turns.

It’s easy to use, straightforward to apply, and it gives you the confidence and skill to never miss a turn.

Successfully Managing Your Portfolio Is A Skill You Can Learn

But your biggest challenge may be developing the discipline to navigate both favorable and unfavorable markets.  When markets turn, successful investors turn with them.  No matter what you decide to own, identifying turning points and responding appropriately is actually the most important part of investing.

Helping You Manage Your Time

Many investing apps overload you with so much data that you become paralyzed.  At the end of the day, what matters most is price.  After all, your portfolio only grows if the securities you own go up in value.  Pretty straightforward!

clearTREND is actually an engine that helps you stay “on the right side of the market,” taking advantage of sustained market uptrends while minimizing risk during sustained market downtrends.  You’ll receive notifications in advance of any action point, which will give you plenty of time to prepare.  And you’ll know before every adjustment what the likelihood of success will be.

Helping You Live Your Life

We all invest for a reason: to achieve a life of comfort and financial security.  But the markets can be as much about emotion as they are about mathematics.

Seasoned investors know that market downturns can be emotionally challenging for the unprepared.  clearTREND will give you the help you need to invest with confidence through good markets and bad.

Coming April 2018

We’ll Help You Along the Way

While not everyone is cut out to be a professional investor, almost anyone can learn from the experience of others.

That’s why we offer regular live training for advanced clearTREND subscribers, a detailed knowledgebase, live chat with a Trend-gineer, and personalized on-site training at our corporate headquarters in Appleton, Wisconsin.

Join us!

Coming April 2018