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Adding Client Value Through Good Markets and Bad

Whether you’re a seasoned investment advisor or just starting your career, you work in a competitive and challenging field.  You’ve worked hard to build your practice and while your clients like working with you, you’ve got to prove your value every day.  And if you’ve been through a sustained market downturn, you know how difficult your client conversations can be.

In the past, you may have weathered a market downturn by holding tightly to the belief that your clients will be rewarded for the risks they experience.  If so, you’ve had to have that difficult conversation that no advisor looks forward to: having to explain why some or most of their holdings had experienced far more variability and downside risk than either of you expected.  You may have had to explain your rationale for either choosing to ignore risk or how you simply missed the turn.

Now there’s a better way, and missing the next turn is not an option.

clearTREND Can Help

Best Practices: How clearTREND Can Help Advisors

While there are many ways to run a successful practice, today’s competitive landscape offers you the opportunity to separate yourself from other advisors.  Building clearTREND into your practice can help you stand out in a crowd and help you create client portfolios that are more resilient, more profitable, and risk aware.

To be successful, your clients need to earn consistent, meaningful returns over time while working to manage the risk of excessive loss along the way. It’s known as “Low Variance Investing,” and it’s based on the Nobel Prize-winning idea that investors can achieve higher returns over time by managing the risk of excessive losses along the way. This makes perfect sense to most clients.


Clients understand that markets change, but until now you may not have a way to identify the turn or when to take action.  clearTREND is built to do both.  It evaluates the holdings in your clients’ accounts daily, notifying you when an asset is in the process of turning and what straightforward action that can either minimize excess risk or help you take advantage of new opportunities.


Your clients depend on you to give them objective guidance and advice.  In the past, you may have missed a turn and unintentionally exposed your clients to excessive risk or missed opportunities.  And you may have compounded the problem by avoiding the conversation with your client entirely.  Using clearTREND in your practice gives you a proactive and natural conversation starter, it demonstrates that you’re knowledgeable about the current market environment, and that you’re adding value every day.  And its a great tool for a winning client review.


Attract new clients by asking them one simple question: “Has your current advisor ever missed a turn?” It’s a powerful question, and it gets your client thinking about how you might help them better navigate changing markets and help them better achieve their long-term goals.  And demonstrating clearTREND’s best-fit solutions for the securities in their existing portfolio is a powerful way to differentiate yourself from advisors who consistently miss the turn.


Case Study

Appleton Group – Private Client Services

Since January 1, 2012 Wisconsin’s Appleton Group LLC began exclusively using clearTREND to generate all investment recommendations for its private client advisory group.  This group consisted of more than 600 private client accounts, including IRAs, managed 401(k)/403(b) accounts, charitable remainder trusts, family limited partnerships, and variable annuity subaccounts. 


Appleton Group clients average a healthy $650,000 in assets under management, and primarily invest for both growth and high current income.  With most advisory clients being in their 50s, 60s and 70s, proactive risk management and asset appreciation is a key concern.


Appleton Group uses clearTREND to easily compare their proactive risk-managed investment philosophy to less flexible strategies offered by competing advisors.  They continuously educate existing clients on their current market research through the use of “3-Minute Trend Talks,” and frequently use clearTREND during quarterly reviews to demonstrate their added value.  And prospecting for clients using clearTREND is easy and fun, especially when competing against advisors that have recently missed a market turn.

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Are your a fee-only or fee-based advisor?  If so, clearTREND is the most important tool you can use to help protect the revenue stream and value of your practice.

Right now, your personal income follows two paths: During a prolonged rising market, your practice’s annual revenue stream goes up automatically as assets increase.  But during a prolonged market downturn, your revenue stream can easily decline by 30%, 40%, 50% or more.

Without a way to manage the risk of sustained market declines, not only do your clients suffer significant portfolio losses but both your current income stream and the actual value of your practice can plummet.

It’s a clear risk for your practice, and clearTREND can help.

We Offer clearTREND Resources Exclusively for Advisors…

  • On-Site, Personalized clearTREND Training

  • LIVE Advisor Distance Learning

  • Support Chat With a Trend-gineer

  • Networking Opportunities With Other clearTREND-enabled Advisors

  • Best-Practice Resources Available 24/7

  • More…

clearTREND is built to improve the quality and effectiveness of investment advisors across the globe…

  • Fee-Based or Fee-Only Advisors

  • Transactional Brokers (Wirehouses and Regional Broker-Dealers)

  • Family Office Advisors

  • Advisors to Employer-Sponsored Retirement Plans (401(k)s, 403(b)s, 457(b)s)

  • Advisors to Charitable Remainder Trusts and Non-Profit Endowment Plans

  • Insurance Agents Who Sell Variable Annuities and Variable Life Products

Pricing for a clearTREND Advisor subscription is simple: each advisor subscription consists of a $150 per month base fee and includes 10 client account to get you started.  Adding accounts is a snap, and at only $10 per month for each client/prospect account, you control your practice’s total monthly charge based on your usage.

Want to know where your break-even point is?  It’s easy to calculate the total amount of new or existing assets you’ll need to win or keep to pay for your subscription:  using 25 client accounts in total will cost $3,000 per year, requiring only $300,000 in new or retained assets under management to justify the cost (assumed 1.00% annual client fee).  With clearTREND’s powerful modeling tools, getting prospects to see your value proposition is easier than ever.

Interested in ways to use clearTREND in your practice and manage your costs? Chat with one of our staff Trend-gineers for ideas on ways to make your experience as cost-effective and rewarding as possible.

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