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Project Description

For Professional Managers

As a cornerstone of the financial services industry, professional managers have unique responsibilities.  It’s your job to decide what investors should own, sifting through piles of research and corporate reports and performing hours of management interviews looking for the right fit for your strategy.  You might be a “value” investor, looking for opportunities in beaten down stocks or sectors.  You might have a growth strategy, seeking companies with accelerating profits, rising balance sheets and growing dividends.  Or you might be income-focused, working to find high-interest or dividend-paying securities to defeat today’s low rate environment.

No matter your style, you’re in a daily battle to prove your worth.

The Challenge

In today’s highly competitive industry, every strategy you manage has to constantly demonstrate its value to investors and advisors.

In a rising market, you add value by beating whatever benchmark you’re tracking.  You can already do that by increasing risk, but there’s a huge cost:  when the market inevitably turns, the extra risk you carry will cause your strategy to lose more than the benchmark.  Without intending to do so, you’ve just turned your fund into a “high variance” investing strategy.  Higher risks, less predictability, and (ironically) lower returns over full market cycles.

And that’s not what investors and advisors consistently want.  They all prefer “low variance” strategies – funds that at the very least keep up with the benchmark during favorable markets and do more than a little to soften the downside during unfavorable markets.

You can do both.

The Solution

clearTREND offers incredible opportunities for professional managers.  By augmenting your existing discipline for determining what to own with our simple yet powerful approach to determining when to own, you can achieve higher rankings, higher ratings, increase assets under management.  Because it’s those managers who are aware of and responsive to market turns who will add the most value going forward.

Winning managers will demonstrate to investors and advisors alike that they have a plan for both rising and falling markets, they will generate alpha over time, and they will reinforce the value that proactive management can add through both rising and falling markets.

CASE STUDY: Appleton Group Separate Account Strategies

When clearTREND was launched in January 2012, we knew the importance of creating a strong track record of actual performance with actual dollars.  So over the five years of our beta test, The Appleton Group utilized clearTREND as the exclusive research engine for four distinctly different separate account strategies.  Each strategy meets the industry’s highest standards of performance reporting scrutiny:

  • GIPS® Compliant

  • Morningstar™ Rated

  • Peer Group Compared

Appleton Group
U.S. Sectors

Investing exclusively in the United States, this focused portfolio select key sector ETFs of the American economy. Sectors include energy, telecommunications, technology, real estate, retail, healthcare, financial services and many more.

As of September, 2017 this portfolio was rated 5-stars by Morningstar, and ranked in the top 7% in its category (Tactical Allocation, 3-yr returns).

Appleton Group
clearTREND Opportunities

This portfolio consists of 18-20 individual stocks from the broad U.S. markets, chosen from securities within the clearTREND Library.  Companies include Apple, Advanced Micro Devices, CVS Caremark, Kansas City Southern, Marriott, Monster Beverage, Netflix, Pandora, Verifone, Tesla, and others.

As of September, 2017 this portfolio was rated 5-stars by Morningstar, it was ranked in the top 3% of its category for 3-yr performance and was the top performer for calendar YTD 2017 (Tactical Allocation).

Appleton Group
Wisconsin Focus

Also an individual stock portfolio, this strategy consists of 10-12 publicly-traded corporations headquartered in Wisconsin.  Companies include Harley Davidson, Badger Meter, Alliant Energy, Manpower, Exact Sciences, Manitowoc Corporation, Oshkosh Truck, Plexus, and Rockwell Automation.

As of September, 2017 this portfolio was rated 5-stars by Morningstar, it was the top performer in its category for both 2016 (Tactical Allocation) and calendar YTD 2017.  It was also ranked in the top 1st percentile for the trailing 3-yr period in its category.

Appleton Group
Managed Income

Comprised exclusively of dividend-paying bond ETFs, this portfolio is designed to primarily produce current income with limited growth characteristics.  Benchmarked against a peer group of mainly growth strategies, its ratings and rankings reflect the limited utility clearTREND might offer for assets that tend to be less dynamic.

For the 3-yr period ending September 30, 2017, this strategy was rated 2-stars by Morningstar and was ranked in the 80th percentile in its category (Tactical Allocation).

Important Disclosures
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Meeting  the Needs of Professional Managers

Robust Scale

Professional managers get our most robust account features – track up to 100 securities at a time, PLUS 2 full staging/research accounts (opportunities for advanced modeling, competitor tracking, etc.)

Our Complete Library

Access to complete clearTREND Research Library, including hundreds of ETFs and hundreds of individual stocks (with more being added every day), trend data on more than 150 U.S. economic sectors, 50 separate countries, 35 distinct commodities, and more.

Fresh Data At a Glance

At-a-glance evaluation of trendability, historic clearTREND success rates, comparable drawdowns, calendar-year and trailing performance, etc.


Turn clearTREND ON/OFF at both security and portfolio level to evaluate potential rewards and risks for each security.