Appleton Group Announces Spinoff of clearTREND Research

October 23, 2017

Appleton Group is proud to announce the spinoff and formation of clearTREND LLC as a separate company to be headquartered in downtown Appleton Wisconsin.

Established in 2012 as the internal research component of Appleton Group, clearTREND is a cloud-based “trend-engine” that identifies market turns for a universe of more than 25,000 mutual funds, 2000 exchange-traded funds (ETF), 20,000 individual stocks, 35 distinct commodities, and 140 U.S. economic sectors.

“When markets turn, successful investors turn with them,” said Mark Scheffler, CEO of both Appleton Group and clearTREND LLC.  “For years, our clients have been benefiting from clearTREND’s ability to identify turning points. But other investors and advisors have often missed the turn, exposing their portfolios to excessive risks or missed opportunities.”

With more than five years of real-time experience, Appleton Group has produced category-leading  Morningstar rankings for a suite of 4 clearTREND-managed portfolios, including Wisconsin Focus Portfolio (4-stars), clearTREND Opportunities (5 stars), U.S. Sectors Portfolio (5-stars) and Managed Income (2-stars).  In addition, Appleton Group has added clearTREND as the exclusive research engine for an extensive suite of asset allocation strategies, including Appleton Group Tax-Managed Growth, a complete suite of Age-Based Allocation and our flagship Appleton Group Portfolio.

“Spinning off clearTREND as a separate company makes sense,” Scheffler added. “It enables Appleton Group to continue to focus on its core mission: helping individuals, families, corporations, non-profits and municipalities better meet their intermediate and long-term investing goals while minimizing excess risk along the way.”  As its first advisor subscriber, Appleton Group will continue to benefit from clearTREND’s cutting-edge turning-point research.

clearTREND is a cooperative venture between Appleton Group, Skyline Technologies (Wisconsin), Microsoft Azure Cloud Services (Washington), and Xignite Cloud Data Services (California).  It will be led by Mark Scheffler, CEO and will be hiring a complete Appleton-based leadership and support team, including a staff of “trend-gineers” starting in early 2018.