5 Popular Marketing Apps for Real Estate Agents

by Sophia Jennifer
Real Estate Agents

The world has drastically shifted towards digitalization. Therefore, there has been significant popularity in the internet and mobile phone usage in all industries, and real estate hasn’t been left behind. If you work in real estate, you can rely on apps to drive more business to your agency. Here are some of the most popular marketing apps for real estate agents.

1. Zillow 

Zillow is one of the real estate apps that’s designed to provide customers with information, knowledge, and inspiration about their homes or potential buys. The app also connects customers with the best local real estate agents who can offer assistance.

The app has several features, which make it a great marketing tool. It has listing syndication, which helps increase properties’ visibility, as well as allows you to search through other syndicated listings. 

It also has a listing management portal that includes valuable data, including photos of properties, property values, and lists of amenities and fixtures. Willow is a great marketing app because it allows agents to integrate widgets into their websites. 

The feature allows them to share listing data, and monitor their RSS feeds. It also includes mortgage calculators, enabling agents to determine the purchasing power of potential clients, as well as recommend budget limits. However, the app is a little hard to navigate.

2. Wise Pelican

Wise Pelican is yet another app that makes the marketing efforts of real estate agents seem like a walk in the park. Real estate postcards are one of the most effective marketing tools in real estate, and Wise Pelican makes it easier to post them.

The app usually accepts certain information about a property, such as price and size through a Google Form. After that, a list of addresses is generated for agents to mail real estate postcards. In addition to the postcard mailing service, the app also creates street-appropriate maps. 

That way, agents can preview the postcard services and print labels when they’re done. Real estate agents can also obtain customized email lists from the app. Similarly, it provides real estate brokers who regularly make significant orders with subscription services. 

Interestingly, potential clients don’t have to create accounts to receive the postcards. They usually get them weeks after a property gets listed. The app can also run in your phone’s background. But when a notification comes, you’ll get a pop-up message. A major downside to this app is that most people don’t know how to use it yet, considering that it’s new.

3. Xome Auctions

Xome acts as an auction platform for real estate agents and buyers alike. The app lets people set bids, which means they can get homes at minimum bids. If you’re a real estate agent, Xome Auctions has a standard seller package. 

An MLS listing that includes coverage on well-known real estate websites like Zillow, Realtor.com, and Trulia is provided to real estate agents and brokers as part of the package. It also includes a real estate agent, who handles open houses and showings to take you through the selling process. 

When a seller posts their property on Xome the auction process begins. However, the seller must first contact Xome and then submit information about their property. Xome will then contact the seller within one business day so that they can sign the auction agreement. After signing, they decide on pricing. 

Usually, the seller is required to specify two prices – the listing price (the price Xome will bid on the seller’s behalf) and the reserve price (the minimum price a seller will accept). Next, Xome lists the property on the MLS to ensure it accumulates interest. 

Bids come in as soon as the auction commences, and it usually lasts between three and six days. When the auction ends, the seller can decide whether they accept the winning bid. A downside to this platform is that most buyers attempt to negotiate bids down.

4. BombBomb 

BombBomb is a great marketing app that offers real estate agents a cheap, quick, and convenient way to promote their business. The app functions as a social media marketing tool, which enables real estate agents to create short videos and share them on several platforms, including LinkedIn, YouTube, and Facebook.

The app facilitates the listings and statistics of a real estate agency’s performance. Notably, it features widgets, videos, podcasts, and ratings from Facebook. When agents create BombBomb videos, they can share them with their friends and followers on the aforementioned social media platforms. 

There’s a high likelihood that their potential clients have an established presence on these sites. Additionally, the app allows real estate agents to share these videos on other blog sites and websites. 

However, to be impactful, the marketing team has to ensure they create engaging content because the app increases their audience reach. A downside to using this app is that real estate agents have a hard time localizing themselves within their target audience.

5. Apartments.com

Apartments.com is an online platform, whereby real estate agents and private individuals can list their properties to connect with potential buyers. The platform has a feature that allows agents to submit specific properties to the listing service to increase their visibility in the marketplace. 

It also allows users to search through other syndicate listings. The app also has property management tools, which allow landlords and management to conduct tenant screening and create online rental applications. The feature also allows them to automate rent collection, respond to reviews publicly, and develop rental lease forms.

Additionally, the app has a 3D tour feature that enables potential renters to view particular residences on their mobile devices. The feature has a floor plan mode, dollhouse mode, virtual tour, and measurement mode. A downside to this platform is that the listing may show communities that are no longer signed up.


Marketing apps for real estate agents have significantly transformed the real estate industry. They allow the agents to save significantly because they list all property details in one place. The apps also have great features that make navigation much easier, promoting marketing effectiveness.

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