5 Step Guide for Setting MI-Pod Starter Kit

by Ethan More

The Mi-pod is one of the popular pod systems on the market. This refillable pod system is ultra-compact and lightweight, hence the perfect device to take with you wherever you go. It’s also ideal for beginners and anyone looking for an easy-to-use device. However, you must know how to set up the Mi-Pod device before treating yourself to an enjoyable vaping experience.

Here are the steps on how to set up your mi-pod starter kit.

Prepare the device

You can get a mind-bending experience using the Mi vape pod Purple Peddle. Start by prepping the device to make it ready for use. After unboxing, you’ll need to charge the device before using it. A micro-USB charging cable accompanies the package to charge the device. The best thing about the device is a built-in 950 mAh battery that offers a full day of vaping between charges.

Once the device charges, remove the “open tab” silicone cover. At the bottom of the pod, pull the silicone plug from the filling port and turn the pod upside down. You are now ready to fill the pod with the e-liquid.

Fill the tank with E-Liquid

person putting e-juice on gold Wismec variable vaporizer

This device uses a refillable pod instead of a replacement coil or a disposable cartridge. The replacement pod fills up to 2 ml of the e-liquid. Since Mi-Pod is a bottom-fill, you fill the pod through the filling pod. You’ll find a 3 mm opening that’s large enough to take most juice bottle tips.

Turn the Mi-pod device upside down and open the rubber tab covering the fill hole. With the pod upside, tilt it to a 45-degree angle towards the cotton and start filling until it’s filled with the e- juice. Tilting the pod ensures saturation and enhances flavor efficiency. You can fill the cartridge with any of your favorite e-liquid through the side of the cartridge.

Don’t overfill your Mi-Pod as it can cause spit back into your mouth or cause flooding issues. Also, don’t get the e-liquid into the center airflow. Make sure you wipe off your pod so that there is no juice residue on the outside of the device. After filling the tank, finish by closing the filling port and shaking the pod vigorously to remove any possible air bubbles. You can remove stubborn bubbles by tapping the pod on a hard surface.

Prime the coil or pod

person holding silver flip lighter

It’s essential to prime your coil or pod before using the Mi-Pod starter kit. Priming is a crucial step to lengthen the lifespan of your coil. The idea behind priming the coil or pod is to ensure the e-liquid soaks right through to the cotton in the coil before applying heat. It also allows the coil to absorb liquid and prevent dry hits. If you use the device without priming, the coil might burn.

The Mi-Pod comes with a 1.3-ohm coil. Ensure you saturate the wick without over-saturating before heating it. When priming, let the pod sit for five minutes to saturate the coil with the vape juice. Alternatively, manually prime the coil by removing the wick from the device and soaking it in the e-juice. You’ll need to exercise patience to enjoy the experience. For example, you can take a few short draws off the pod to prime it. After priming the pod, you are ready to vape.

Ensure correct connections 

The Mi-Pod device allows you to adjust the connection settings for the best vaping experience. In most cases, incorrect power settings can cause the coil to burn, resulting in bad taste. This faulty connection can occur if the spring-loaded contacts inside the device are dirty. The dirt or residue on the contacts can stop the proper connection inside the machine.

During this step, align pins on the pod to connectors inside the device. You can do this by inserting your filled pod into the machine to ensure the pins on the bottom align with pins in the battery. The device has a connection problem if the pod light is working but doesn’t produce a vapor upon inhaling or drawing. You must ensure the connection is working on getting the device working again. The Mi-Pod device will charge or show a full charge when connected to a charging source when the connection is proper.

Take the vape

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The last step is to attach your tank or pod to the device’s body and turn it on. While this is an auto-draw device when you inhale, it comes with an on/off power button for added convenience. Click on the front button five times to turn it on, and you can start vaping. However, be careful when using a freshly charged device as an improper connection can burn within seconds.

You activate the device as soon as you inhale as it’s a mouth-to-lung device. It features a raised mouthpiece for a more comfortable vaping experience. This device’s built-in vertical dual coil creates better flavor quality and vapor production. 

Bottom line

The Mi-Pod is a compact and innovative pod system that brings a new vaping experience. It combines innovation, performance, and fashion in an easy-to-use vaporizer. However, you should know how to set up this device before enjoying the experience. This article has analyzed the steps to follow when setting up a Mi-Pod device. This pod comes with the user manual with all the information about the product. Make sure you read the user manual, as it will tell you how to operate the device and how to refill your pod.

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