What the Heck Is can platypuses be pets?

by Radhe

Yes, they are. I recently took a trip with friends back in the spring, and we had one of those rare trips where we didn’t leave the house with a pet in tow. My friends and I had no problem going out for dinner, but we didn’t take the small dog with us. He was allowed, of course.

Platypuses are a great choice for pets because they are cute. They also tend to be very quiet and easy to train. Although I know that there are some dogs that are too big and/or too wild to be a pet for some people. To that I say, go with your gut.

However, some people are not as receptive to the idea of pet platypuses as I am. The reality is that platypus are very intelligent, and that intelligent, small animals, even if they are cute, are not your ideal pet. Platypus have a very long lifespan, and a long lifespan is usually not the best for a pet.

The point is that if you want a pet, you need to find a pet that is a good fit. The best pet is a pet that you can feed regularly, have lots of grooming, and train. Platypus are not very good for those things, but if you want a pet and you can find one that is compatible with you, then I would suggest getting one.

A platypus is a platypus. Platypus are very similar to ducks, but they have a little more meat on them, so they are much more like a duck. Platypus are quite the popular pet in the UK, and are used in many different ways. They are also very cute and fluffy, and are a very good choice for anyone who wants a plush pet.

The only thing that breeds platypus like breeds into is their tails, so it’s impossible to tell exactly what they look like before purchasing one. While platypus are very cute, they’re still just as cute as they are adorable, and they’re not very useful. They are useful for certain things, such as being great for fishing, hunting, and petting, but they are not very useful for anything else.

Well, they can be. But at the very least, we can tell you that they can be pets. But it’s not by any stretch of the imagination. They are not pets, theyre not even pets, and theyre not pets enough to be pets. They are pets and theyre not pets.

Well, they are pets, but theyre not quite pets yet. This is because their lives are in their own time, and most pet owners simply don’t think about the fact that they exist in time. This is because most of the people who write blogs aren’t pet owners. But there are also pet owners who don’t think that their pets exist in any time. So they write about the fact that their pet is alive and thriving and well.

This is a common misconception. Platypus are not actually alive, nor are they living. They are in fact, not quite pets. However, they are still pets. And this is because their lives are in their own time, and most pet owners simply dont think about the fact that they exist in time.

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