The chen fumo Awards: The Best, Worst, and Weirdest Things We’ve Seen

by Radhe

A few days ago, I was in my home office, watching TV. Suddenly, I heard a ‘ping’ sound that I recognized as a mouse. I immediately felt a chill run down my spine. I looked over my shoulder and saw a very strange sight. A small piece of paper, on top of my desk, was missing. The paper had been written on by my dog, who was sitting on my desk, apparently looking at me.

Apparently, my dog was looking at me because he scribbled something on my desk, but it was actually a note for me. Apparently, at some point in the night, my dog had left me the note explaining that he was coming back to take me home.

As I was trying to figure out what went wrong, someone knocked on the door. I was so excited to see my dog back that I didn’t even check to see if he was all right, so I just opened the door and was surprised to see a very strange woman standing there. She was dressed in an extremely old-looking outfit, like a pair of raggedy old pants and a long-sleeved, old-fashioned shirt.

She looked at me for a second and then I could see her hand and wrist. The hand was covered in a red tattoo that looked like some kind of metal bird that had just been melted down, and the wrist was covered in a tattoo that was a kind of spiral, sort of like a chain saw.

The tattoo on her hand had all sorts of strange symbols on it, and it seemed to be a symbol for killing, as well. All of this was very strange and very strange to me. I started to say, “That’s my dad’s.”and she just smiled at me, then she gave me a strange look like she was trying to figure out if I was talking to her or if I was talking to herself.

I was really curious about that tattoo, so I had a friend, who we’ll call Lulu, come over and try to get an autograph and a picture on my arm. I was like, Thats okay, I can do that. I didn’t want to ask her for a tattoo, I was like, I’m here, I can do that, I can do it.

I’m not sure if it was chen or Lulu’s idea, but I can tell you that chen fumo was the first tattoo that I ever got. I guess that was because I was very tall and I got the first tattoo on my arm.

chen is our heroine and she is the leader of a group of people who were kidnapped by the Visionaries. She has an odd tattoo that we can only assume is an “I’m going to kill you”. It is a skull and crossbones. The tattoo itself is a skull holding a cross and the letters “A” and “F”. The letters are actually part of the skull itself.

Although chen fumo is a playable character in Deathloop, the game itself is more about the player character. She is a thief and hacker who specializes in hacking passwords to various websites and finding and eliminating the Visionaries. She is also armed with a pistol that shoots a single shot in her hands, and we’re told that she has a very good sense of how to use it, as well as an automatic rifle that can fire ten shots per second.

If this sounds like we’re talking about your typical female-themed video game, then we are. The game looks quite nice and the protagonist is a pretty sweet character, so you could probably forgive the male character for being less of a badass. But the game is about the girl, so we’re going to be talking about her a bit more.

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