Why You Should Spend More Time Thinking About do chickens have brains

by Radhe

I’ve read that chickens have some kind of brain, but it kind of seems to suggest that they are just a bunch of dumb things. We’ve also read that pigs are intelligent, but I’m not sure if chickens are smarter.

You can probably figure out that chickens are not necessarily dumb things, but not really intelligent.

This is a common misconception. Chickens are a lot smarter than you would think. For instance, they can figure out how to do a bunch of stuff you cannot, like play a musical or drive on a car, so they can do things you cannot, like drive a car. They can even figure out how to cook a chicken, which is kind of weird. They can also learn new tricks, like how to do a couple of basic tricks, but also how to do more complicated tricks.

It’s a chicken that can figure out how to do a bunch of stuff you can’t, and a chicken that can learn tricks that you cannot, but is also a chicken that’s smart enough to play musicals and drive a car, so that’s actually kind of cool. If we’re discussing chickens, then that’s kind of what all chickens are.

It’s no surprise that chickens are smart. The world is full of chickens that can figure out how to do stuff that’s not possible for their human counterparts. And they can do stuff that humans can’t, like learn tricks that are impossible for humans to do. Like playing musicals, for example.

The chickens on Deathloop have a much easier life. As they say, they simply make it through life by doing what it is that they do. But they have brains, which is what makes them so special in the first place.

That’s why chickens should be able to play musicals. The chickens on Deathloop have learned to play the music they sing to, and they do it extremely well. Its one of the things that makes them so great, and why it was so difficult for them to learn to sing in the first place. But they do it well, and people can enjoy the music they make, and they can sing along to it.

The chickens that are on Deathloop are a special breed, and they sing a little differently than the chickens on other islands. In their island they sing the song in a way that makes it easily identifiable as their own. In Deathloop, they put the music on a loop, and the sounds of the chickens singing together actually sound like the sound of people singing to the song. This makes it even more special.

The chickens on Deathloop are also just a little weird. They actually sound like people. I don’t know if that’s how they sound in nature, but it also seems to be how they sound on Deathloop.

I’ll also admit that the chickens have a lot of other things going for them. Like, they are the only human race on a space station who sing and dance in unison, and they actually live in an island where all the chickens are super-smart.

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