Does Sunlight Decrease the Benefits of HHC Disposables?

by Ethan More

HHC is a fantastic new addition to a range of cannabinoids available on today’s market. In case you’ve been couch-locked for the last couple of years, you’ll be happy to hear that the industry offers a variety of products and different types of highs and experiences. 

Each new cannabinoid manufactured in a lab can offer a unique experience. Delta 8 is very similar to Indica, while delta 10 mimics the stimulating effects found in Sativa. THC-O, the feistiest of the group, is a psychedelic that resembles mescaline, only less potent. 

HHC’s place in this spectrum is right in the middle, where THC should be. 

But HHC has also been dubbed the “apocalypse drug,” thanks to its unique chemical structure that makes it more resilient and long-lasting compared to other THC analogs. This might be the most distinctive and exciting property HHC vape, but more on that later. 

Here’s everything your need to know before you try HHC:

HHC Comes in All Shapes and Forms


Gummies and oil, flowers and pre-rolls, there’s something for everyone’s taste.

Of course, you can find HHC disposables too, and we warmly recommend them. The way you take your HHC is ultimately a matter of personal choice, but vaping simply has the best of all worlds. It’s inhaling, making you feel like you’re smoking weed, only more convenient. 

Unlike joints, the hospitality industry sometimes allows vaping. Depending on where you are, you might be able to vape your HHC over a cup of coffee. And if not, at least vape carts provide an easy solution. It’s as simple as screwing in and discarding the cart after you’re done. 

HHC Is Very Similar to Delta 9 THC

It’s only natural that your first question is – will HHC make you high?

The short answer is yes. Like all other deltas and similar new-age cannabinoids, HHC is some sort of a THC analog. This means that its chemical structure doesn’t fall far from the Cannabis sativa tree. Like delta 9 THC, HHC is also an active psychoactive cannabinoid. 

But what makes HHC unique is the potency and sensation that comes pretty close to smoking weed. Delta 8 and delta 10 are milder variants, while THC-O produces a stronger psychedelic effect. HHC is the only legal hemp derivative that feels like original THC. 

Expect to feel euphoric and silly, but you’ll also have deep conversations about the meaning of life. There’s a slight increase in your heart rate and the usual side-effects such as red eyes, dry mouth, and munchies. Anxiety and paranoia are rare but possible.  

HHC Is Made in a Lab from Hemp 

HHC can be found in nature, but manufacturers have figured out a cheaper and equally effective way of making it in a lab. In both cases, HHC is another hemp derivative and contains no traces of THC. It’s not very complicated to manufacture, and it still feels natural.

HHC Is Extremely Durable and Resistant

To make HHC in a lab, manufacturers add hydrogen to CBD or one of the THC analogs using a metal catalyst like palladium to improve the efficiency of the chemical reaction. This process, called hydrogenation, is how they make margarine from oil. 

It’s also what makes HHC extremely sturdy. 

Unlike other THC analogs, you don’t have to keep your HHC in air-tight jars and away from sunlight. Thanks to hydrogen, it will remain fresh for a long time even if exposed to the sun and air. Most of the other cannabinoids would find these elements too harsh.

HHC Is Yet to Be Researched in Detail

Hydrogenation is a routine process used in food and many other products we consume daily. This is to say – it is not harmful to health in any way. HHC should be completely safe to consume, even though we’re still waiting for the scientists to confirm that.

The same goes for the potential health benefits.

So far, HHC has been examined only in one study from 1977. According to this research, beta HHC acts as a strong painkiller. The study has been conducted on rats, which means that we’re still a long way from finding and approving medicinal applications of HHC on humans.

In Conclusion

Despite not being thoroughly researched, HHC is a unique cannabinoid with a lot of promise. Until we can say more about it, the only things you need to know are that it is safe, it produces a high similar to weed, it can fail a drug test, and you can bring it to the beach. 

What more do you need to know?

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