Finding the Perfect IWB Holster for Compact Firearms: Tips and Recommendations

by Ethan More
Compact Firearms


Inside Waist Band is abbreviated as “IWB” that can be carried in between your waistband and underwear, inside the waistband of your pants, skirt, kilt, or whatever. The concealed carry laws of many states mandate that you always keep your pistol out of sight. It’s natural to dress to hide your weapon, but the right holster can make it simpler while still looking stylish.

When concealability is the primary goal, we are looking for a holster that fits our body type in the ideal concealment position and complements our clothing style. Once fastened to our belt, the holster should be stable and not move. As this reduces the possibility of printing through clothing, we want the holster to be snug against our bodies.

Confidentiality advice for your next IWB holster

The process of selecting gun holsters can be intimidating for people who are new to concealed carry or guns in general. There are a ton of options and styles. Finding the right one for you and determining whether it will be comfortable can be difficult. You can choose an inside-the-waistband (IWB) holster for concealed carry using the following four tips: 

Trigger Protection

While concealing a gun by covering the trigger may not improve concealment, selecting a holster that covers the trigger and trigger guard is still important. If the trigger is visible, it may be pulled by your finger, clothes, or dog when it jumps up to greet you. Hence, nothing should be able to enter the trigger guard because doing so could result in a careless discharge.  

Additionally, Kydex holsters are preferred because you shouldn’t be able to pull the trigger while wearing one. Also, numerous new holster types have emerged due to the increase in women’s concealed carry. Since carry leggings, bellybands, and corsets are frequently made of soft materials, you should make sure you can’t pull the trigger through them. 

Fit and Retention

A holster doesn’t have to cost hundreds of dollars, but since it will be a part of your self-defense kit, it makes sense to invest in quality. Plastic doesn’t wear out quickly, so a well-made Kydex holster can last for years. As part of your routine maintenance, regularly inspect and tighten your screws. Hence, look for a holster that has been specially molded for the make and model of your pistol for the best fit.  

Passive retention, which is typical for IWB and concealed carry, can be achieved with a good holster that has been molded to fit the make and model of your firearm. Retention may be either fixed or movable. 

Getting Attached

Choose a typical plastic or metal belt clip if you wear pants with a belt. Another good option is metal belt clips, which last longer than plastic and are available from companies like Discreet Carry Concepts. They are more difficult to work with but can frequently be attached to a waistband without a belt. 

The key to the beltless carry’s success is that the pants must be extremely tailored with a strong waistband to support the weight. Your holster’s number of clips—whether one or two—is another factor to consider. Two clips might be a better option for heavier guns because they provide more stability. 

Concealment Wing or Claw

A concealment wing, also known as a claw, is intended to lessen printing in general and the printing from the grip in particular, but I’ve found that it also aids in general. The wing pivots and pushes the hold of your gun so that it makes contact with your body under the influence of a belt.  

Best IWB Holsters

Some of the best-known IWB holsters available include:

Concealment Express IWB Kydex holster

The Concealment Express IWB Kydex Holster works well for several IWB carry positions, including appendix, hip, cross draw, back, and palm-out carry. However, it excels at appendix carry in particular. The Kydex keeps your gun safe while still being lightweight and secure. Also, the full-length sweat guards on the holster make it remarkably comfortable for a Kydex holster.


Belt loops are an option for Tenicor, which enhances its retention capabilities. The product is portable, making it simple and quick to grasp completely. 

Crossbreed Supertuck

With the best features of both leather and Kydex holsters, the Crossbreed Supertuck is a fantastic hybrid holster. The holster comprises a protective Kydex shell for your pistol that is mounted on a supple, flexible leather backer that is either made of premium cowhide or natural horsehide, depending on the color. This holster fastens to your belt using powder-coated steel belt clips that let you change the ride height and cant angle of the holster.

Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.5IWB holster

An excellent hybrid IWB holster with a lower price is the Cloak Tuck 3.5. Alien Gear has a wide, flexible, breathable neoprene backing to keep you comfortable and dry while using Kydex to safeguard and secure your handgun. These materials also indicate that this holster should last you a very, very long time. For the highest level of comfort and security, you can adjust the retention level, cant angle, and ride height.

Hidden Hybrid Holsters

This holster is added with silky-soft suede to the back and uses Amish leather. Simple models include a single clip for appendix carry and a double clip for 4-5 o’clock or outside the waistband.

PHLster Floodlight IWB

The PHLster Floodlight IWB is a fantastic option for those with a light-equipped CCW. The Kydex holster has retention adjustments that can be made using a shock cord to ensure proper fit. Users can select a configuration that works for them by choosing between belt clips or attachments for belt loops. 


Printing will be greatly aided by a rigid belt that can support the weight of your holster and gun. Choosing a holster can be intimidating if you’re new to concealed carry. It’s crucial to select the option that works best for you. 

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