forty-year-old lance insists that he never dreams. research suggests that he probably

by Radhe

dreamt of building a new car that would make him happy.

I guess it’s really hard to argue against 40-year-old Lance’s passion. I mean, he’s been working on a new car since he was 47, yet he’s not making any plans for a new one. His new car is a classic car, and it’ll be his “only” car. So yeah, he’s completely committed to building a new car. I guess he’s not going to be the only one.

We can’t really take forty-year-old Lance seriously when he insists on claiming that he never dreams. It’s like he’s the guy who claims that he never eats his breakfast. When he’s not even eating breakfast, he’s dreaming of his new car. That may be the only time he ever eats.

Lance is a legendary fighter who has been battling against his own heart for forty years. Lance, like many others of his generation, has lost a lot of his hearing. However, his brain is still so big that its hard to imagine him still having it. A new study suggests that Lance may be able to hear everything that is going on around him, even if he is asleep. As people who have been listening to Lance for a while know, he is not afraid of his own shadow.

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