How do I convert PDF to Editable Word Document With Windows 10 Laptop, PC and Surface Pro

by Ethan More

Offices are now contemplating pdf as their primary file format. PDFs are used all over the world Files are now available in the form PDFs. From schools to large corporations using PDFs. However, there are times that your PDF file might have some mistakes, so to fix those mistakes you’ll need to convert your PDF file to the format of a Word document. The conversion of the PDF file to Word document word document allows you to make modifications to the document. This makes editing simpler since a PDF file cannot be edited in a simple way.

It is the Format PDF is created so that it shows the document precisely, regardless of what device is being used to view. One of the advantages that is a part of Portable Document Format is that it is hard to alter the pdf file. But, Adobe Acrobat comes with every tool you need to edit PDFs. It can also secure the PDFs to stop any alteration. It is crucial to convert PDFs to Word documents so that you can edit documents directly.

PDF generated by either a web browser, or an Office application:

It’s a PDF you make using Internet Explorer or Word. In thiscase, you first write your content and convert the document to PDF format. It is possible to highlight certain words or search words in these PDFs. They are editable and convertable into an docx or doc in a matter of minutes.

PDF that was created by the scanner:

If a document is scannable by the scanner, it takes pictures of the page. Your computer is unable to comprehend what’s written on the page. This could mean a phrase or image, or anything other. The PDFs of this kind cannot edit easily, so for these PDFs, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is needed. It recognizes the words written on the image. If the text is written correctly it will ensure that it will produce OCR results are reliable, but they could be a disaster. If we wish to convert a PDF that has been scanned to a docx/doc format, OCR is a must.

Methods to convert PDF files to a Word Document

Utilizing Adobe Acrobat:Converting PDF to a Docx/doc via Adobe Acrobat is only possible with a complete version of Adobe Acrobat; Adobe Reader is not the right choice. Free Adobe Reader will not perform the job.

If you are planning to utilize Adobe Acrobat for the conversion here are the steps to follow

It is the first thing to do opening your file within Acrobat XI.

Once you’ve opened your file, select after opening the file, click on “Tools” button and select “Content Editing”. After you click “Content Editing”, a pop-up box will be displayed where you have to select the file that you would like to export as docx/doc.

If the document you wish to export has been scanning, click the “Settings” button and turn on the OCR (Optical Character Recognition).

After that when it is done, your PDF file will open as an docx/doc file. You can give the file a name and save it in the desired location.

Convert files using Adobe ExportPDF

If you don’t have Adobe Full version of the program and you need to regularly convert files, Adobe offers an alternative for you. You can sign-up for Adobe’s web-based ExportPDF ( download link : ) service with a cost of $21 per year. With this service, you are able to upload PDF files and download the converted documents directly. In this case, the OCR is automatically performed by Adobe and it attempts to keep the layout as long as is possible. It also lets you convert of spreadsheets and tables from PDF to Excel.

Convert Files using Word 2013 or higher versions

Utilizing Microsoft Word 2013 is the most efficient way you could convert your PDF to documents like docx/doc. Docx/doc, the current version comes with an inbuilt feature referred to in the form of “PDF Reflow” that converts editable PDFs into editable Word documents. Microsoft Word 2013 is better than Adobe Acrobat at replicating the layout and formatting of the PDF. However, it is only compatible when you use Word 2013 available with Office 365 ProPlus and Office 365 Home Premium.

If you want to convert your PDF files to the format of docx or doc, you have to follow a single step. When you open your PDF file in Word 2013, it will automatically open in the format of document or docx format.

However, Word 2013 does not provide users with the option of OCR and is unable to open a PDF file that has been scanned in docx or doc. It is first necessary to perform OCR on the file , and after that, you can utilize Word 2013 for the conversion.

Convert files with Word Online

A few months ago, Word Online which is accessible from your OneDrive ( ) files or from came up with a feature that will help you convert your PDF files to a Word document in your web browser. But, none of the Word Online programs are free. Online applications are free , as long as you login using the Microsoft account. Microsoft account.

To convert your document by using Word Online to convert your file, you need to open Word Online then select the “Edit in Word” button found on the left-hand side of the screen.

After you click”Edit” in Word, “Edit in Word” button an open-page will pop up with the following message: “File Conversion- Word Online will make a copy of your PDF and convert it to a docx/doc for you to edit.” Click”Convert” to begin the process “Convert” button to start the process.

Similar to Microsoft Word 2013, 2013, Word Online also does not perform OCR which means that when a file isn’t editable, Word Online will convert it into a set of pictures that are sizeable for a page. Word Online is more effective by converting PDFs into editable formats that come from online Office applications.

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