How Medicine Can Uplift Human Society

by Sophia Jennifer

Medicine has been one of the biggest contributing factors in our society today. It has given countless advantages and helps human society in various fields, such as technology, economy, health, and more.

In general,  medicine is responsible for the promotion of health and the prevention of various diseases or sicknesses. Furthermore, it has exponentially lessened the number of casualties and patients.

But how does medicine exactly uplift human society? 

Medicine Boosts The Health And Well-Being Of Humans

Ever since Penicillin was invented, various medicines and cures have been slowly surfacing. It marked the start of the development of medicine and people did not stop there. As the decades have passed, medicine has become the people’s aid in their times of need.

Because of medicine, more and more people are being cured of different diseases. Moreover, medicines have not only acted as a cure but also as prevention and maintenance. As more forms of medicine develop, in tablets, creams, powders, syrup, etc., people have become even much healthier than ever.

Without a doubt, humans’ health and well-being have undoubtedly improved better because of the constant development of medicine.

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Medicine Boosts Society’s Economic State

Before modern times, medicine was somehow easy to access as there was no artificial or chemical-based medicine back then. Medicines were usually formed with the mixture of different plants, flowers, tree saps, oil, and more — so long as people were knowledgeable about these, they were able to easily form medicines.

However, with today’s technology and the very much developed medical field, medicines cannot be easily accessed without the involvement of monetary values.

Doctors, pharmacists, and scientists have been constantly working to develop more new and effective drugs to give humans better cures and medicines — still, money is involved.

As unfortunate as it may sound for less fortunate people, or even most people, the fact that the sales of medicines and drugs contribute to one’s country significantly cannot be ignored, and thus, the development of the economy.

If the economy of a country develops, so is its overall society.

Medicine Boosts Society’s Technology Developmental State

During the early times, medicine could be conveniently developed with just natural ingredients and materials to mix them, such as mortar and pestle or something similar. Basically, there was no involvement of technological equipment.

But, with the expanding technological development, we have today, more medicines can be easily produced and distributed. Scientists and others of similar professions continue to build better high-tech equipment to further improve the performance of medicine production.

Because of this, other technological fields are inspired and continue to build essential machines as well, which in turn develop and boost society’s technological state.

If you have noticed, the more technologically developed a country is, the more developed its overall society is especially humans’ daily lifestyle. While technology may be used for various purposes, the fact that it has made our lives easier cannot be rebutted.

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Medicine Boosts The Efficiency Of The Human Performance And Contribution To Society

The healthier and more capable humans are, the more they can contribute to society. Because medicine is paired with a healthy lifestyle, people’s health and well-being have surely gotten better than ever.

Those who were once sick with certain diseases can now be cured, and they are once again capable of doing day-to-day activities. They are granted a healthy body and mind again to better perform and do their part as a member of society.

So long as medicine remains to exist in our society, humans will continue to serve society with better convenience.

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Medicine does not limit to tablets, syrup, etc. Ointments, drops, inhalers, patches, injections, and more are also forms of medicine. The FDA or Food and Drug Administration approves certified medicines that will be of help to humans.


Just imagine the capabilities of medicine. Medicines can kill viruses, and bacteria, and stop the spread of infection and the production of germs in the human body. Some medicines even provide, regulate, and fill in necessary substances in our body to maintain balance and make it healthier. 

Moreover, it can relieve even the most severe pain there is.

Medicine does not fail to improve healthcare, life expectancy, and our well-being. It aids in the treatment, prevention, and as well as diagnosis of diseases. 

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Medicine has more contributions to society than we think. It basically helps us humans have a better life. And we, humans, consist the society. As long as the medicine is present, it will never cease to boost human society as an entire species. 

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