if research in a private school is directly funded by the department of education, then:

by Radhe

Yes, the research in a private school is directly funded by the department of education. It is still a public school, but the research is supported by a private foundation. This is not to suggest that they don’t do good research, but it’s important to point out that if it is indirectly funded by another public entity, the funding is not directly in the public interest.

If a private school is funded by a department of education, the department of education is a public entity. That means the department of education has a legal obligation to provide funding for the school, even though they may or may not be directly responsible for the research. The department of education is not allowed to receive funding from a private foundation, so the department of education is not allowed to directly fund research in private schools.

While this is true and a matter of public interest, it is also a matter of private interest. In order to do research in a private school, you will need some sort of financial incentive. Usually this is provided by the school itself, but it may also be provided by the department of education.

It turns out that the department of education did not provide the research for the private school’s research. Instead the department of education paid for the research and it was the private school that provided the funding.

This is sort of a weird situation. Private schools are almost like a private think tank. They may be funded by the state or the local government, but they are run by the parents and teachers. They provide a certain amount of education for the students, and the money is generally used by the school for other things.

In my opinion, the private schools are good. They keep the students involved in the school, get the students to go to school, get a good education and then they come back to the school. But the private schools are really bad. They don’t have staff that are really good. They don’t have the time to teach a class or put in the work. They don’t have the time to learn the language, they don’t have the money to pay the teachers.

The reason private schools are bad is because the government of the private school is directly funding it. This is just a bad idea overall because it is just so incredibly wasteful. The private school is simply a private business that has no idea what its doing. Not only is it not getting the best education for its students, it is also not making any money. If the government of the school gives the private school money then everyone would be happy because all the students would be getting a good education.

Private schools are great for their students, but they are not good for the government (or the taxpayers). The reason that private schools are awesome is because their students are not paying taxes, so the taxpayers benefit. The fact that the government of the school isn’t getting the money it should be is just a huge waste of tax money.

I think that if the government of the school gets money from the private school, then the students would be allowed to choose the school they want based on their preferences and financial circumstances. In other words, if the teachers say that they want to send their students to a private school, the students would have an option that is better than the public school.

The problem I see is that the private school isnt being funded for the most part by the government. Its not like the government pays the teachers, they only give money to the private school. I would think that if the government paid the teachers, then there would be no reason for the school to pay teachers. It would seem that it would make less sense to have teachers who are paid by the government pay teachers who are only paid by the school.

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