Quick and effective remedies to treat back pain without surgery

by Anshu Dev

Chronic aches and pains can be challenging for individuals to carry out routine activities and hinders day-to-day tasks. Many individuals suffer from back pain, specifically in the lower back, often resulting from muscle strain. Conditions such as arthritis and osteoporosis also result in chronic backache. While many doctors recommend surgery to treat chronic back pain, several strategies to treat the ailment include amending the lifestyle, acupuncture, oral medication, and spinal manipulation.

Here are a few strategies used by medical practitioners to treat back pain without requiring a surgery:

Surgery is not the only solution to chronic ailments. With the advancement in health and medicine, a variety of treatment options are available to improve it with the help of home remedies and lifestyle changes.

  • Spine manipulation

One of the most effective solutions to chronic back pain is the adjustment of the spine through chiropractic treatment. Under such treatment, a professional chiropractic therapist adjusts your spine to elevate the condition. However, such a treatment is not advisable for individuals with chronic elements such as osteoarthritis or spinal cord issues. In addition to the above, it is vital to consult a certified chiropractor that can perform spine manipulation without any discomfort and side effects.

  • Acupuncture

Another effective remedy to treat a chronic back ailment is the traditional medical practice known as acupuncture. Under such treatment, the practitioner uses thin needles to press specific body points to treat the disease and elevate chronic pain.

  • Shedding off the extra weight

Many patients with severe back problems often complain of strained back muscles. The reason behind such a problem is increased pressure on the spine. Therefore it is essential to losing weight to improve the condition as it is a major contributing factor to many pains and aches. Consult a certified nutritionist and follow a balanced diet with light physical activity to improve the condition.

  • Improving the posture

One of the major contributing factors to chronic back pain is poor sitting and standing posture. Therefore it is essential to discuss a therapist to improve posture to alleviate your condition. A wide range of variable devices is available in the market that helps individuals pull their shoulders back and maintain correct posture while standing and sitting, providing relief to the affected people. Every joint in the body supports human beings to improve movement.

  • Engaging in physical activity

Individuals working from home often complain of excruciating back pain due to long hours of sitting. Under such circumstances, mobility is ideal for treating such chronic pains. Studies have proved that routine physical activity can release endorphins, minimizing pain by obstructing opioid receptors in the brain. Moreover, exercise helps to improve strength in the spinal cord and neck muscles, relieving the patient from uncomfortable situations.

Under many circumstances, back pain results from over and underusing back muscles. Your health care provider can assist you in treating such minor problems with the help of home remedies, a balanced diet, and routine physical activity. QC Kinetix (West Palm Beach) assists individuals in managing their debilitating back pain with the help of regenerative medicine treatment. The team of medical practitioners offers nonsurgical management therapy to help individuals relieve themselves from chronic back issues.

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