research shows that most interruptions are competitive.

by Radhe

I am a firm believer in the theory that interruptions are the enemy of productivity. After all, interruption is a big part of the human experience. The more time we interrupt ourselves, the less we are able to focus on what we are doing and the more we are likely to miss our targets.

Well, if interruption is the enemy of productivity, then interrupting a meeting could be the worst thing that could happen for your productivity. I know, it sounds crazy. It’s not. You know, research proves that the single biggest cause of people’s stress is interruptions. Research has revealed that interruptions are more important than the amount of time we are given to do it.

I am so convinced that interruptions are the problem I can’t even wait until the meeting is over to ask someone to interrupt me. In fact, I can’t even wait until the meeting is over to ask someone to stop interrupting me. That’s right. I can’t even wait until the meeting is over to ask a person to stop interrupting me.

The answer is simple. Stop interrupting me.

The problem is, interruptions are so pervasive that they seem to be a part of the day-to-day routine of everyone. If you are a student in a large university and the professor is speaking for 10 minutes and you are not paying attention, you can be pretty sure that in the next 5 minutes, you are likely to be interrupted. If it is a mandatory class, you can be pretty sure that your professor will be talking for a whole hour.

When I was a student and there were no interruptions, it never occurred to me that I could be interrupted. I think it is because we are all so busy that most of the time we just don’t realize that someone is trying to steal our attention, so we don’t stop them.

But that is a different story when it comes to interruptions. It’s no longer a competition where we are all on equal terms. Most of the time we are talking to each other, and when the teacher is talking, the class is pretty much done. The only interruptions are those that are mandatory. In fact, a lot of class time is just like that.

In fact many of those interruptions are mandatory because we are competing with each other. We are going to be competing with each other, whether it is to get a question answered, find the right answer, or talk about something we are both passionate about.

Most of the time you can’t know your own mind, but you can definitely tell it’s not a good thing.

If both of you are passionate about something, then you should probably give it the time and effort to figure out what it is. This is why the teacher is there, to make sure you do your best. You know you need to show up and do your best, but you don’t always know if you’re the best in class. Sometimes, though, you are the best and you do get a question wrong, but you still get the credit you deserve.

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