The Basic Features That You Need to Look for in Home Security Cameras 

by Ethan More

All the technologically advanced and modern home security cameras are capable of doing almost the same thing – monitor the house premises and protect your home from possible burglary. This is why you always need to consider features while choosing the home security cameras. Some cameras are more advanced than others, provide a higher battery life, and come with a high-quality motion detection feature that is capable of differentiating between cars, people, and packages. 

However, as there are various home security cameras available on the market, choosing the perfect one that covers all the basic features might become a daunting and time-consuming task. You need to remember that only the higher-grade security cameras will offer all the features. 

Therefore, while choosing the home security cameras, you need to consider all the features so that you can decide whether that specific home security camera is perfect for your household or not. Here are the basic features of the home security cameras you should consider. 

High-Quality Video Resolution

The primary objective of the security cameras is to record all the activities. Hence, you need to ensure the security cameras are capable of supporting 1080p video resolution to see what’s going on inside your household premises. You need to ensure that the video resolution is not blurry or you will end up seeing something that’s not properly visible. When you choose high-quality cameras, you will face no problem monitoring the activities as they will record everything properly. But keep in mind that you will require a strong network connection if you choose security cameras with higher video resolution. The videos will also eat the storage space more quickly. As per Good Housekeeping, make sure you use two locks to protect your house from thieves.

Instant Alerts and Motion Detection 

Motion detection is undoubtedly one of the most important basic features you need to look for while buying home security cameras. Security cameras are capable of detecting motion and sending notifications to your phone instantly. When you have your phone, you will be able to see what triggered the motion sensor of the security cameras. As a result, you will be able to take the necessary steps if something smells fishy. The camera will also take a screenshot of the detected motion which can be viewed later through the application. If you’re planning to purchase home security cameras, make sure you know more about Mammoth Security Inc. NorwalkHere is the link for their physical location.


Wired or Wireless 

This is dependent on your personal preferences. When you contact the professionals, they will install the security cameras without any problem. However, there are two options you need to remember while purchasing home security cameras. The first one is the wireless security cameras that will operate on the battery life. The second one is the wired security cameras that will receive power output from the wire. If you’re planning to go with wired home security cameras, you might require some additional tools to install them. It doesn’t matter what you choose, make sure they are relevant and useful. 


These are the basic features you should look for in home security cameras. Do you have any other questions? Feel free to contact us today. 

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