What Are the Most Popular Cities in Texas?

by Ethan More

Are you looking to move to Texas? Before deciding on an amazing area to settle—of which there are many—check out this list of the most popular cities in the state. Texas is known for its cowboy culture and wide-open spaces, but it also has plenty of thriving cities for you to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a bustling metropolis, a small but lively coastal town, or anything in between, Texas has it all. Here is a look at what some of the most popular cities in Texas have to offer.


Dallas is one of the most bustling cities in Texas, boasting a diverse population of around 1.3 million people. Known as one of the most dynamic cities in the country, Dallas offers a rich cultural experience with plenty of unique sights and activities to explore. You can explore cowboy culture at the famous Fort Worth Stockyards, visit the Dallas Arts District, or enjoy retail therapy at NorthPark Center. Dallas is also home to several professional sports teams and plenty of exciting events throughout the year.


The most populous city in Texas, Houston has a population of nearly 2.3 million. This vibrant metropolis offers a variety of entertainment and cultural activities, as well as a growing art scene. Houston is home to the acclaimed Museum District, which is home to various world-class museums, galleries, and theaters. The city also offers a few sandy beaches along its vast coastline, making it a popular spot for weekend getaways.


Renowned for its vibrant music scene, live performances, and diverse cultural experiences, the capital city of Austin is known as a generous and welcoming area, with a population of over 1 million people. From outdoor activities along the Colorado River to exploring the city’s bustling nightlife, Austin has something for everyone. It is also home to a large student population, including one of the largest community colleges in the US—Austin Community College.

San Antonio

San Antonio is the seventh-most populous city in the US, with a population of over 1.5 million. It is the cultural and economic hub of South-Central Texas, boasting a rich history and plenty of historical places to visit. From the famous River Walk to the iconic Alamo, San Antonio offers a unique blend of culture, entertainment, and outdoor activities. It is also home to some of the best Mexican food in the country and has a variety of vibrant neighborhoods to explore.

Corpus Christi

If you’re looking for coastal living, look no further than Corpus Christi. With a population of nearly 327,000, this coastal city offers plenty of sandy beaches and waterfront activities for you to enjoy. From windsurfing, sailing, and other watersports to exploring various museums and restaurants, there’s something for everyone in this charming town.

Fort Worth

Fort Worth is often grouped into the same area as Dallas, but it’s a unique area all its own—and a much lower cost place to live.You’ll find affordable homes and apartments for rent in Fort Worth, as well as an abundance of job opportunities, which is why many young professionals are moving here each year. With a population just under a million, you’ll still have that big city feeling of Dallas, but with a more laid-back energy and less hustle and bustle.

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