Why Is Living Near a University a Good Thing?

by Ethan More
Living Near

After graduation, living in a college town may be an uncommon choice. Living there might make sense while your children are in school, if you’re returning to college to further your education, or if you’re considering teaching. 

However, if you are not affiliated with the university, staying in a college town or relocating to one may appear to be an odd choice. It isn’t. We’re talking about a smaller town where a vast institution employs a large section of the population, and many other inhabitants work in businesses that cater to students and alumni. Students account for a large portion of the people in these places. Here are some of the advantages of living near a university long distance moving services.

Low cost of living

Landlords near universities are aware that they rent apartments to students who do not have much money. For example, the best Radford University off-campus student apartments are offered at pocket-friendly prices. The sticker price of rent in such communities is frequently modest, but the leases may include extensive damage to property protection for the owner. 

You’ll probably avoid those extra costs if you’re a responsible adult who doesn’t throw a big party every weekend. Furthermore, such communities are frequently brimming with low-cost services, such as economical eateries and a plethora of well-stocked secondhand stores. They usually have a good yard sale market since students frequently buy items and then resell them after they leave.

Easy ways to make money

Many colleges have robust research initiatives that recruit residents from the surrounding community for paid positions. For example, you might get paid to play a game or eat a new meal and provide feedback as researchers examine some part of your work. It is frequently a simple way to earn a few dollars. Apps like Grubhub and Doordash make it quick and easy to become an Uber driver or a food courier. College students, particularly younger students who are unlikely to have a car on campus, rely extensively on these services.

Furthermore, many college towns feature enterprises that provide straightforward ways to generate money. While some establishments may cater to students, the general public is usually welcome. You may supplement your income by donating plasma, driving for a ride-hailing service, or offering transcription and editing services on Upwork (professors and some students will use this).

A variety of low-cost entertainment options

College towns frequently have a plethora of cultural events and forms of entertainment. You will have access to more shows, lecturers, festivals, and nightlife if you opt to live in a college town rather than the suburbs. The community is often provided with a plethora of low-cost or free entertainment activities by the colleges themselves. 

For openers, politicians, authors, celebrities, artists, and other famous people frequently appear at universities and colleges in free public speaking and question-and-answer sessions. Furthermore, universities and colleges often have a variety of special-interest clubs that try to share that passion with the broader community by hosting protests and events on campus and in the surrounding neighborhood.

Cultural opportunities

Musicians, theater groups, and speakers who would not ordinarily visit a community of that size frequently visit college towns for cultural events and tours. This allows you to live in a small town while attending top-notch cultural events.

These plays and concerts are sometimes held on campus but are available to the public, so keep an eye on the schedule of activities. On the other hand, traveling performers frequent other venues such as taverns and small music venues in many college towns. In comparison to other cities of similar size, there is usually something to see or do.

Good medical services

If you reside near a university with a reputable medical school, you’ll have access to top-notch medical care at a fair cost, which can be a wonderful deal. Medical schools typically provide a broad range of medical services to the general population, with such services serving as learning opportunities for students. Thus, if you don’t mind having a student observe and learn from your medical appointments, employing the benefits of the local medical school can be a wonderful bargain for outstanding care.

Aside from educational opportunities, there are numerous benefits to living in a college town. Don’t dismiss their advantages.

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