Why Is Mental Detox So Important? How To Achieve One

by Sophia Jennifer
Mental Detox

Do you really think all the jealous thoughts you had about your favorite influencer taking a trip to Bali are worth keeping?

Yes, if it is pushing you to work harder and achieve your traveling goals.

Not when you cannot concentrate on anything else, wishing someone unwell, all the while cursing your life. This is a sign that your thought has gone toxic, and it is time to declutter.

Why Is Mental Detox So Important?

Schedules get busy, and relationships become more complicated; our mind goes through an array of thought processes.

However, not all of them could be healthy for us. Some of our thoughts are compulsive, obsessive, and toxic. Preventing us from looking at the brighter side. Therefore, we need mental detox.

Taking care of your mental health should be a primal goal for 2023. So, start your journey today. Download some of the premium mental health management software from thenewpiratebay.org, for free! 

How To Get Mental Detox

Here are some of the common ways with which you could be able to practise mental detox and leave all the toxic thoughts and memories behind. 

1. Try Practicing Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the practice of being present in the moment. It is actually easier said than done because in this day and age of constant distraction, just sitting and simply observing your surroundings is difficult.

Oftentimes, we simply switch on our television or a video just so we can drown in the sounds of our surroundings. Sometimes, it is also to drown our own thoughts. So, rather than just burying them in the back of your mind, why not try mindful practices?

This is where you close your eyes and let all the thoughts flood in. Let them in without any judgment, and once you get that feeling of overwhelm, you take a deep breath and let them go.

You will find that each time you want to concentrate on your breathing, the thoughts will come crawling in. Without judgment, let them in, acknowledge it, and then let it go.

2. Start Managing Social Media

Your social media is the biggest denominator to filling your mind with all toxic thoughts. The apparent ‘perfect lives’ from all the influencers you are following. Make you believe that your life is incomplete, and you will never be as happy as someone else with their picture-perfect everything.

Although pragmatism would tell us otherwise, since no life is perfect, people cannot seem to bring in logic when envy engulfs them. It is very important to get rid of this envy or else you will never be satisfied with your own life.

No, we are not asking you to put a stop to your social media. However, it is important to manage them. We are talking about unfollowing people whom you don’t wish to see in your feed (you should never have to apologize for looking after your own mental health). 

Declutter messages which you do not wish to see again, and block individuals who are just creating negativity in your life.

It doesn’t have to stop at social media; you can take one day and clean all your phone messages, contacts which can stir up bad memories, and even junk emails. 

3. Try Junk Journaling

Speaking of junk, have you ever tried something called junk journaling? This is not your regular journaling, where you simply sit down at the beginning or the end of the day and write about your daily shenanigans.

Junk journaling doesn’t have a specific time, and one can do it anytime they are overwhelmed with a rush of thoughts. This helps us in two ways-

– Once we write these obsessive thoughts down, it not only helps to detoxify the mind but helps us distinguish between logic and unreasonableness.

– This is a form of journaling which doesn’t feel like a task. Like you do not have to worry about making time every day. Rather, you could just be doing it whenever you please.

Try It Out Today!

If you are feeling overwhelmed because something has happened, and you cannot stop overthinking about it.

Or you have been feeling depressed and gloomy for quite some time. Chances are, your mind is filled with toxic thoughts.

It is time to declutter!

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