Your Guide When You Are Always on the Go

by Ethan More

You live in a world of constant rushing and striving for more time – time for family, friends, and, most notably, your well-being. From the moment the alarm sounds, you are constantly on the go. You are always trying to find more hours in the day for your work, household, and yourself. Here you will find some great tips to make your life easier.

Use Your Office to Workout

Finding time to exercise can seem daunting (and nearly impossible) when you cannot get away from work. Often, you can do this right at your workplace. For instance, choose an appropriate time to get your steps in by going mobile and walking while you are on a conference call. You can take your phone call outside if you wish or find other alternatives without stepping out of the office.

Make Lunches and Snacks in Advance

Make-ahead lunches and snacks are the way to go when you have a busy schedule. Having your meal ready for work makes it easy to avoid the lunch rush, as you already have what you need ready to eat. Light snacks to sustain you throughout your day will help you stay on your game without suffering from the afternoon slump. You can choose to maintain your energy with a formulated meal replacement shake.

Plan Your To-Do Lists

Let’s face it, when you are busy, multiple tasks need to be carried out. It will benefit you to prioritize and not try to complete everything at once. You will save yourself from excess frustration when you can complete your tasks efficiently. Plan to spend time on the most critical task first and move on to a few medium-sized projects. You can follow up with minor tasks that you can complete at the end of the day.

Check Your Email in Intervals

Rather than checking your email constantly, limit it to four or five times a day. If you cannot control your emails as much as you would like, use a software program to prevent emails from appearing in your inbox until you are ready to see them. It will benefit you to answer your emails based on their length. If the answer takes less than three minutes, get it done immediately. If it will take more than that, put it aside and deal with it later when you have more time.

Perfect Your Time Management

Identifying your optimum times for getting things done is an excellent idea. Schedule a time to do focused work free of meetings and distractions. It is helpful to set deadlines for yourself. You can appoint one for yourself even if your task has no official deadline. Knowing you have two hours to complete a job will help you avoid wasting unneeded effort on the internet.

Avoid Distractions

It is not foolproof, but wearing headphones can keep people from approaching you with non-urgent questions or gossip if you appear focused and plugged in. It will benefit you if you try not to over-multitask. You may feel like you are getting more done, but in reality, it can take longer. If this is difficult for you, practice spending a week or two monotasking.

Utilize the Pomodoro Technique

Did you ever imagine that you could use a kitchen timer at work to your advantage? Francesco Cirillo developed the Pomodoro Method in the 1980s to organize his studying, which had become distracting and difficult during his college exams. This method of time management was born from a tomato-shaped kitchen timer. You can download the free software app (that combines your priority to-do list with blocks of time), then set your timer to work productively without interruption.

It is hard to keep everything under control. With so much to do, it will be helpful for you to stay on track and work efficiently. It is possible to get everything done without burning out. When you use these tips, you can manage tasks more effectively.


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